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Manage Successful Social Media Promotions For Your Business

Lindsey Root - Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Holidays!!!  As you know it’s the holiday season and everyone is pinching for pennies to find the best deals.  Shoppers have found a new hot trend of social shopping.  Social shopping is when people turn to social networks to get the latest discounts and deals on products and services.  Razorfish found that the primary drivers of “friending” or “following” a brand were promotions and discounts.  Over one-third of social network users and 44 percent of Twitter users engaged with a brand through discount promotions.  Marketers are ecstatic about this new, innovative approach of incorporating social networks in their marketing strategy to increase sales, but this new stream of marketing creates challenges to the way marketing programs and advertising budgets will be organized and controlled in the years to come.


In the past, brands have spent large amounts of money on commercials, media placements, direct mail, and more.  It is hard to measure these methods of marketing.  These means can only be measured by the results of a campaign.  The campaigns either bring a rise in sales or not.  It is too difficult to measure success or failure.


The exciting fact about social media is when it is done correctly it is a very effective way to get the best of both worlds from a campaign.  No one likes the pushy car salesman, so you need to be very careful at your marketing approach.  Don’t push too many promotions or your consumers will feel spammed.  You need to be a great resource to them and provide exclusive deals or else they will lose interest and stop following you.  Here are 3 easy steps on how to use social media promotions correctly.


1. What Are People Saying About Your Brand?

This is a very important question to ask yourself when you are trying to come up with an effective marketing campaign.  If you know what people are saying about your brand, why they are saying it, and who they are saying it to than you will know what content is driving the most share on which sites.  You can also use social media tracking software to measure what people are saying about your services and products. 


Having the capability to track word of mouth buzz is so important when you are trying the find the right marketing messages and promotions.  You have to deliver relevant social deals that resonate with people’s interests.


2. Create a Social Promotion.

After you use the social media tracking software to find out what people are saying about your services and products, than go out and give it to them.  If the hot topic product you sell is boots than give a 20% discount on boots.  You will also see what consumers are complaining about your product.  Maybe they think the shipping is too expensive, than on the next campaign offer free shipping.  It’s such an incredible way to market!  Now you are able to give the consumers exactly what they want which will increase share and profitability. 


3. Did It Work?

Based on the social tracking software, you will be able to see if the campaign worked or not.  It’s that simple.  With this new technology you are able to reach your targeted audience immediately and have the best results you can imagine.

What social media tools do you use to increase sales and measure your brand’s reach?  Please share them in the comments below. If you want to find out more about using social tracking software for your business than we can help.  Root & Madison will help you find your target audience and write effective campaigns to drive traffic to your site.  Contact us now and we can start driving traffic to you site today.


What Makes A Great Website? – part 2

Heath Griffin - Friday, July 31, 2009

Yesterday we talked about what goes into a website. I should mention that every web designer or design firm is different. We all have our quirks and tendencies that make us unique. So when you look into a web design firm, their process might be a little different, but the basic principles I discuss(ed) should remain the same.

Today we’ll talk about how you can help speed the process along and help your chosen web designer to make your site exactly as you want it.

4) Be prepared and have a solid idea of what content you need/want.

I’ve had several clients that say they want a website and have no clue what they need to provide or that they should even do anything. Well that’s okay, a great design firm can certainly create everything from scratch (other than business specific information), but that will generally double the cost of your website.

So how can you help keep the cost down and speed up the process? Know what pages you want (i.e. home, about, contact, etc) and what basic content that you need on each page. Things like written copy (or text), images or any other static information that won’t change regularly and will be important information you need to get across should be prepared before you even contact a web designer. Yes a designer will be more than happy to take that information and make it look and sound better, but they can’t read minds (not yet anyways J) and don’t always know what needs to be said.

5) Understand that we’re professionals and we know what we’re doing

The worst type of client is one that waits until the end to request changes. There is a reason why you’re paying your designer good money; because you’re dealing with experts. Part of the process of creating a website (as discussed in my previous post) is understanding your company and its competitors. Trust that your designer knows what they’re doing and make comments or suggestions as each step is completed. If you don’t like how some things are written in the copy, let them know when they provide it for approval. Don’t wait until your designer is handing you mockups to tell them that you want to change a couple pages content. This will only cost you more and delay the process.

Major things like color schemes and font types should also be decided early on. You should have plenty of opportunity to make a decision before full mockups are started. Again, waiting to let your designer know you don’t like a color late in the game will only delay things and cost you more. Bottom line, don’t be counter-productive, stay on top of what’s provided and request changes at the end of each step rather than at the end of the entire process.

6) Your website is up and running and not only is it stagnant, but no one is visiting. How can you change that?

So you got a great design and your website is up and running perfectly. The problem is it’s been two weeks and you’ve got a grand total of 27 visitors per week. Great that’s a lot of money down the drain. How do you fix this? Well there are some ways to keep your site fresh and help boost your site on sites like Google and Yahoo.

Find a designer that specializes in Email, Social Marketing and Blogging. These three things will help drive users to your website. Email and Social Marketing will help get your name out there on platforms social networks. Blogging will keep your website fresh with constant updates and in turn bump you up that search list on major search engines. What’s great about these marketing techniques is they completely replace your standard concepts (TV, Radio and Print). You could easily spend tens of thousands of dollars a month just to compete for someone’s attention. With our approach, your potential clients aren’t bombarded with information but are given the opportunity to see, read and respond and create a dialogue with you and then hopefully turn to your company for their needs.


So I hope that you’re a little wiser on what exactly you’ll need when it comes to web design and that you understand where exactly your money is going.

At RM we’re always updating our blog with great information, but if you can’t find the answer to a question, please email us and let us know your questions. We’ve spent a lot of time understanding what you need and would love to get your business launched on the internet!

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"Following a successful run, the 9-year-old O has struggled on the newsstand lately. In the second half of 2008, its total paid circulation declined 1.7 percent to 2.4 million, with single copy sales down 25.2 percent to 625,961.

So far this year, O has missed its rate base twice, by 5.1 percent and 4 percent, respectively, per the Audit Bureau of Circulations. O also has been challenged on the ad front, with pages down 30.7 percent to 694 this year through its July issue, per Mediaweek Monitor," reported Lucia Moses of Media Week.

As interactive media takes center stage, traditional and print media are experiencing significant declines in sales and readership.  Publications that are now on the web are drawing more followers than ever. 

Despite a drop in print sales, Hearst Magazine is reaping the rewards of the web.  A February 2009 report indicated that Hearst boosted web traffic by 150% after implementing a SEO and Wordtracker campaign.

In less than a decade, online capabilities have allowed companies to target audiences and draw traffic that is unattainable in the print industry. 

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