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3 Ways to Make Your Business Popular

Dalton Vanhooser - Monday, May 31, 2010

1. Socialize – Using social networking sites in a personable and communicative manner connects you with your customers in a way you never have. Devoting to Facebook, Twitter, and other similar sites promotes your name in an environment that is populated in an unprecedented way. It is important to note that you are not advertising in this media, at least not in the conventional way. You are building a rapport with the customer, growing ever more popular as you continue to socialize with the online community.

2. Bribe – Now that we’re socializing, we can start bribing consumers in order to get the popular vote. Don’t worry, in the realm of business, this isn’t illegal, it’s called promoting. By posting coupons, offers, or drawings occasionally from your site, you will attract more traffic from the consumers you are socializing with. Promotions are a great way to attract attention and improve traffic.

3. Don’t pester – You can’t make friends by pestering them until they accept you. That is no way to get popular! Be genuine in your communication, in your posts and your replies. Social networking is not only output, it’s input, taking in the consumer’s thoughts, and responding accordingly. Root & Madison are masters at social media communication and help advance your company in the online community.